About Us

The Midcoast Maine Fishing Heritage Alliance was created in 2009 by concerned individuals around Port Clyde, ME. Many of these individuals have no direct ties to the fishing industry, but want to help find ways to ensure that the fishing culture survives. To that end, we hope to educate others about fishing, its history in the region, and the preventable safety risks experienced by the fishing community. These are difficult times for fishermen. Increasingly restrictive regulations, decreasing fish populations, the recent economic crisis, and foreign competition have forced many groundfishermen to postpone or reduce basic hull maintenance. Nevertheless, local fleet members have been at the forefront of efforts to ensure fish populations remain healthy, and that sustainable harvesting practices are used. For example, they are developing innovative fishing gear that should help end overfishing, reduce by-catch, protect the habitat and thus aid in rebuilding fish stocks. The Midcoast Fishermen’s Association, based in Port Clyde, continues to experiment with gear modifications and the results to date are encouraging. However, times remain difficult for fishermen. The Alliance is developing a program to allow boat owners to participate in a co-operative for the maintenance and repair of their boats. The Alliance will work collaboratively with fishermen to match boat owners needing help with maintenance and repair with mechanics, carpenters and other tradesmen (both fishermen and non-fishermen) who can assist them. These boat owners give their time and talents in a number of other MMFHA efforts such as education outreach, public lectures on gear modifications, tours of working groundfishing boats and scientific research.

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Robert Steneck, University of Maine Darling Marine Center
  • Carl Schwab, Ph.D., retired multi-species fisherman from Port Clyde and founder of Port Clyde Fishermen’s Co-op
  • Kathleen Fox, local maritime artist, retired sociologist and historian
  • Charlie Merrill,retired business executive with multi-generational family roots in St. George


  • Sherm Hoyt, Program Director, St. George resident since 1973, former lobster fisherman and U. Maine Sea Grant program community development professional

Board of Advisors

  • Glen Libby, Founder and Manager Port Clyde Fresh Catch direct marketing co-op
  • Randy Cushman, Captain FV Ella Christine, third generation Port Clyde groundfish fisherman
  • Dan Miller, Tenants Harbor lobster fisherman, former Zone D Lobster Zone Council Chairman